Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rivera in the bullpen, spring training 2013 day 1

Rivera in the bullpen, Girardi observing, spring training day 1, Wed. 2/13/13, Munson, Star Ledger

"Mariano Rivera could not stop smiling. On the first day of workouts for Yankees pitchers and catchers, Rivera completed the most mundane of drills with a boundless joy usually reserved for children.

Nine months after tearing a right knee ligament while shagging balls in the outfield in Kansas City, the 43-year-old Rivera played long toss and threw off a mound for about five minutes on a back field at the Yankees’ spring training complex Wednesday morning.

Then he jogged without a limp through pitchers’ fielding drills. He stayed out for additional fielding work after the others in his group – C.C. Sabathia, Andy Pettitte, Hiroki Kuroda and Phil Hughes – headed inside....

Rivera said he wore a small brace on his right knee, and will wear one when he pitches this season....

And manager Joe Girardi couldn’t resist a wisecrack when asked whether he will forbid Rivera from shagging during batting practice, a routine since his minor-league days.
“Only in Kansas City,” Girardi said." NY Times Bats blog, "Rivera at Spring Training Debut: ‘I Feel Good’," Pat Borzi

Mo in bullpen with Girardi, spring training day one, feb. 13, 2013, Newsday, Williams

Mo in group fielding practice during the 1st official workout for pitchers and catchers, 2/13/13, NY Post, Wenzelberg


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