Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jorge Posada on SiriusXM MLB Network Radio with Jeff Nelson and Jim Memolo, 2/19/13

2/19/13, "Jorge Posada, former Yankees Catcher, discusses working with the team's young catchers, Kevin Youkilis and his expectations for Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera in 2013 on First Pitch with Jim Memolo and Jeff Nelson on MLB Network Radio on SiriusXM."

Link to SiriusXM MLB Network Radio Posada interview Tuesday AM, 2/19/13. It lasted 2-3 minutes, Brian Hoch from MLB.com provides quotes of Posada's responses. Brian says he hasn't seen Posada in camp yet but assumes he must be coming soon. The podcast I heard seemed to end abruptly and go into an interview from another sport.

2/19/13, From Brian Hoch, Bombers Beat, MLB.com

"Jorge Posada: Mariano Rivera “is a freak of nature”"

"Jorge Posada hasn’t yet arrived in camp for his duties as one of the Yankees’ guest instructors, but we must be getting close, because the five-time World Series champion is starting to talk a little ball.

Posada was a guest on Sirius/XM MLB Network Radio this morning with hosts Jim Memelo and Jeff Nelson. He shared his thoughts on several topics around the 2013 Yankees, including Posada’s prediction that Mariano Rivera will be able to return to the same dominant level for this team.

On Mariano Rivera: “Mariano is going to be 100 percent. Mariano is a freak of nature. One of those things about Mariano, he has great control, that cutter will not go away. I expect Mariano to be the old Mariano.”

On Derek Jeter: “He said it perfectly the other day, he’s going to be sore all over because he hasn’t been able to train like he wanted to, but he’s going to push himself to be ready for Opening Day. I know him, he’s going to probably be doing two-a-days and working really hard off the field to get back to 100 percent when it comes to Opening Day.”

On the Yankees’ catching competition: ”Obviously whoever has the best spring is going to start. That probably changes throughout the year. We’ve got three young catchers and we’re going to hopefully look forward to seeing them compete. This is what baseball is all about. You don’t get the job, you earn the job. I think it’s going to be good.”

On scouting reports for Cervelli and Romine: “Cervelli, very energetic, very athletic, very quick behind the plate. He has a good arm. He’s a lot more mature now so I think it’s perfect timing for him right now. Romine, obviously a little younger, smart kid behind the plate. We like him very much but they don’t want to rush him, so we’ll see. He’s got a shot too. We’ll see what happens in the spring.”

On Kevin Youkilis: “It’s going to be fun. I think it’s going to be great. The guy plays hard, that’s another guy that wants to prove himself. He had a tough year last year and I bet he worked really hard during the offseason to be a Yankee and be a part of this team.”"

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