Saturday, January 26, 2013

Global warming believer at Davos says those listening to Derek Jeter on the topic were more concerned about his ankle

1/26/13, "Derek Jeter Should Stick to Baseball: Challenges at Davos," Ian Bremmer, Huffington Post

"There have been a lot of publicity stunts to bring attention to climate change. But surely the only thing less effective than global climate summits is having Derek Jeter tackle the issue. As he's speaking, the only pressing question on anyone's mind is the status of that left ankle and whether he'll be ready for Opening Day."...(scroll down) (Article is written by global warming believer present at Davos.) via Tom Nelson


Ed. note: Someone back in the US wondered if Derek Jeter advocates eliminating night games to save on electricity that he thinks causes global warming. Has Jeter asked the Yankees to remove some stadium seats and eliminate parking since driving automobiles is said by AGW believers to cause planetary damage?

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