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Tim McCarver just repeating CO2 catastrophe MLB has been selling for years, MLB even says Earth Day on par with Jackie Robinson Day

3/17/07, SI.com: ""Temperature affects how far objects, such as baseballs, fly through the atmosphere. Would Willie Mays have caught this ball today?"...“The seas will rise and coastal areas, including parts of South Florida, will eventually be underwater.”...Few of the article’s scary scenarios are standing the test of time. Since 2007, we have seen bad ski seasons have followed by good ones, unusually hot summers followed by mild ones - in other words, fluctuations in weather that are completely normal and nothing for the sports fans-or the rest of us-to be particularly worried about."...
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4/28/12, "Baseball's Tim McCarver: Global Warming Increasing the Number of Home Runs," NewsBusters, Noel Sheppard. (Video)

4/22/12, "Earth Day initiatives becoming commonplace," MLB.com, Mark Newman, "Stadiums throughout MLB are adopting green programs"

We all want clean air and water but that's different from saying humanity is on the brink of extinction due to light bulbs and single family detached homes, ie excess CO2. Aside from which it's scientifically and observationally inaccurate. Yet it's the 'environmental agenda' supported by MLB and its partner NRDC including buying and selling carbon offsets.

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""This is very much in line with the best thinking in corporate activity today," said John McHale Jr., MLB executive vice president, administration. "Almost everyone who's a parent hears it from their children when we go home, and it is the way, the model of living we need to embrace for the future.""
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Jeremy Guthrie sounds like a terrific person and one who cares about the environment as most of us do. It's natural for elite MLB players to want to 'give back' to the community and 'do good' with their priceless aura. Perhaps unbeknownst to them, that's not what's happening when they promote catastrophic man-caused CO2 endangerment to unformed minds of children. "In Colorado, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie is part of the Rockies Games of Green initiative, and he encourages fans to submit entries in his Guthrie Go-Green Classroom Challenge. Elementary, middle and high school classes are invited to present an environmental project they have done (or will do by the May 4 deadline) that will make a positive impact on the environment."
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"For Guthrie, 32, environmental awareness is a concept that expands far beyond today's Earth Day observances. ... So it didn't take $4-a-gallon gas to prompt Guthrie to start bicycling to work. He's been biking to the ballpark six days a week before he ever arrived in Baltimore in 2007 and trying to persuade teammates to do the same.... Luke Scott is one of several of Orioles teammates who also pedal to the park.... Like Guthrie, Scott says he does what he can to live green. "I believe in recycling and doing my part," he says. "...
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April 2009, "Wall Street realized there was money to be made in 'going green.'" Robert Redford
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MLB blared global warming message on freezing night in October at Yankee Stadium: "Last night I was at Yankee Stadium watching the Yanks exciting extra-inning playoff win. Along with 50,000 other shivering fans we had to endure a scoreboard message from Robert Redford sponsored by the National Resources Defense Council demanding that we lower our standard of living to stop global warming. The volume was turned on so loud that Redford's voice could be heard above the howling wind and freezing rain of a mid- October evening in New York City. "...
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  • Again MLB and NRDC:
9/30/11, "2011 Major League Baseball Postseason PSA Teams Up with NRDC"
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Discretionary driving includes driving to ballparks: -------------------------------------

Blond children used to sell climate fraud in Copenhagen. Denmark became the center of billions in carbon trading fraud.
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A decorated climate scientist now says he was wrong, CO2 does not 'trap heat' or cause higher temperatures. He says CO2 has gone up but global temperatures have not.

Lovelock says CO2 is up but temps remain the same. Lauded by Time Magazine in 2007, he now retracts predictions such as Florida sinking by 2040.

The entire climate industry pivots on the disproved notion that CO2 causes rising temperatures.

  • Someone profits when MLB buys "carbon offsets" but it's not the planet.

4/4/12, "The inconvenient truth of carbon offsets," Nature, Kevin Anderson

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12/4/09, "Carbon Capitalists warming to climate market using derivatives," Bloomberg

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7/18/06, A CITGO OIL COMPANY Plaque is enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. MLB.com

photo from CaptainsQuarters
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4/27/12, "Correlation between rising carbon dioxide levels and temperature over the past decade," ReasonableDoubtOnClimateChange
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[SportsIllustrCovGlobalWm307.jpg] 1/11/11, "Sports Illustrated – Wrong on Auburn, Wrong on Global Warming," GlobalWarming.org, Ben Lieberman
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11/25/2009, "Global warming industry becomes too big to fail," Timothy Carney, Washington Examiner


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