Monday, April 02, 2012

First pitch in Miami Marlins stadium, Ricky Nolasco to Derek Jeter

4/1/12, "Ricky Nolasco throws the first pitch to New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter during their MLB spring training game in Miami, Florida April 1, 2012. The game is the first Major League game played in the new Marlins Park stadium." reuters

p. 2, "A few minutes earlier, Girardi, in full uniform, was stopped by the security guard manning the interview room. “Are you media?” the guard asked. “When Girardi, glancing down at his uniform, said no, the guard replied: “Well, this is a press conference.”

Looking at the guard somewhat askance, Girardi said: “I know. It’s my press conference!”"...

"Ricky Nolasco throws first pitch in Miami Marlins stadium to Derek Jeter," 4/1/12, ap

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