Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mike Francesa on WFAN transits out of name 'Mike'd Up' and jingle, new jingle pending-NY Radio Message Bd.

Mike mentioned the pending jingle and name change on his Sunday NFL show, says NYRMB poster. YES Network has always called it 'The Mike Francesa Show.' "Mike Francesa started his show without a jingle today, noting that CBS was unable to come to terms with NBC on renewing the license to use the name "Mike'd Up" for the WFAN radio show. NBC owned the name from Mike's Sunday night TV program - it had been in place while the WFAN show was still Mike & the Mad Dog. After Russo left in 2008, CBS was able to license the use of the name for WFAN. Mike said a new name and jingle package was being worked on, and could be ready
  • as soon as Tuesday Jan 17."

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