Tuesday, October 25, 2011

World Series minimally available on NY metro radio due to ESPN1050 signal

10/24/11, "Baseball in the Age of Bud, Continued: It’s as much a reflection on Major League Baseball’s poor, money-first game-keeping as it is on ESPN 1050’s badly diminished after-sundown signal. But again what once would have seemed out of the question is reality:

In the New York City area, the World Series cannot clearly be heard on AM or FM radio. For crying out loud, just a bit west or south of the Media Capital of the World, the World Series on the most popular form of commercial radio has been reduced to a static-laced, in-and-out whisper.

That’s a crime against American nature, no? Or is the watered-down, artificial-additives World Series no longer worth saving, let alone savoring?

Those remanded to a car Saturday night a mere 20 miles south of Manhattan were stuck trying to find a reasonably listenable signal of ESPN Radio’s exclusive live broadcast. There was nothing broad about it. The best many could do was pick up 1000 AM, out of, I think, Chicago.

It’s an added shame that in Dan Shulman, Orel Hershiser and Bobby Valentine, ESPN Radio has a pretty good team.

At the same time Saturday the USC-Notre Dame game could be heard loudly and clearly on several AM stations.

  • But what the heck, it’s only the World Series."...

10/24/11, "ESPN (WEPN, NY) radio signal a Series of disasters," Phil Mushnick, NY Post

ESPN1050AM (WEPN) NY nighttime coverage map from radio locator, which notes coverage may vary at night. Daytime map


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