Friday, October 28, 2011

TV ratings for 2011 World Series game 6 via Neil Best and Darren Rovell

10/29/11, "Not surprisingly, Fox finally got a ratings lift for the 2011 World Series from the wild and wacky Game 6.

Even though it lasted more than 4.5 hours, the game averaged a healthy 12.7 percent of homes and 21.1 million viewers, making it the most watched Series game

  • that did not include the Yankees or Red Sox
  • since Game 7 in 2002.

The Game 6 rating lifted the average for the Series to 9.3, ensuring it safely will exceed the current record low of 8.4 when all is said and done.

Despite the complaints of East Coast fans and writers, history has proven very late finishes have no ill effect on ratings,
  • especially for a thriller such as Thursday night's.

The rating peaked at 15.0, with 25.2 million viewers, from midnight to 12:30 a.m. ET.

  • In St. Louis, the peak rating was 57.0; in Dallas, it was 55.7.

At one point, 82 percent of St. Louis homes with a TV in use were watching; in Dallas, 81 percent were."

Following from Neil Best, SportsWatch twitter:

  • "In final quarter hour, 82% of homes in St. Louis area with a TV in use were watching Game 6. In Dallas area, 81%"
  • "Game 6 averaged 21.1 million viewers."

darren rovell via sportswatch, "World Series games 6 & 7 are worth an additional $60 million in revenue to Fox

  • (does not include ads during pitching changes)"

"Joe Buck has called 14 World Series on TV at age 42. Jack Buck called his first World Series on TV at age 66."

  • "Bob Stanton called the first World Series game on TV in 1947. Thanks for playing our game."

Darren Rovell, via sportswatch, ""FOX gets 13.8 overnight rating for Game 6. Outrated all of the games in 2010, but this is the lowest game 6 of all 14 on record."

  • 10/27/11, "25 years ago tonight, World Series Game 7 averaged 38.9% of U.S. households, an astounding figure that never will be approached again."


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