Friday, September 02, 2011

Carlos Slim at Fenway Park Aug. 7, richest man in world is part owner of Red Sox and NY Times and friend of Adrian Gonzalez' father

Above, Carlos Slim, Mariano Rivera, Freddy Garcia, Adrian Gonzalez and 4 others

8/9/11, Mogulite, "Yesterday, we waxed on about Carlos Slim's appearance at a Red Sox game, where the world’s richest man appeared to be very friendly, very down to earth and very knowledgeable about baseball. Turns out a Mogulite reader was on the scene, and confirmed this to be very much true. ...

Our source was lucky enough to be one of the lucky few on the field with Slim and Slim’s family and friends during the batting practice before the game."...
  • 8/8/11, Mogulite, "Technically, the world’s richest man has a connection and indirect stake in the Sox. The New York Times, which he loaned a soon-to-be-repaid $250 million, owns a 7.3-percent stake in the Boston team....
It turns out Slim wasn’t there on business at all, but rather as a guest of first baseman Adrian Gonzalez. Gonzalez’s father played baseball in Mexico and happens to be a close friend of Slim’s. Slim had dinner with Adrian and his father, impressing everyone with his obsessive knowledge of baseball..."...
top photo of Slim, Adrian Gonzalez, Mariano Rivera, Freddy Garcia, and others, 8/7/11 via Mogulite, photo of Slim only, 8/7 from Mogulite. Both stories by Hillary Reinsberg. via mention in Shaughnessy column.

8/8/2011, "Billionaire Slim cashes in on invite," Boston Globe, Dan Shaughnessy

"According to Forbes, in March of 2011 Carlos was worth something north of $74 billion. Carlos loaned the New York Times $250 million in January of 2009, which the Times is soon to repay in full. Until the debt is settled, Slim is indirectly connected to Red Sox ownership. The Times still owns 7.3 percent of the Sox, so you might say Carlos has a piece of John Henry’s team....But Carlos wasn’t here last night to oversee his investment. He was at Fenway as a guest of Adrian Gonzalez’s father, David

Adrian’s dad played amateur baseball in Mexico and was a first baseman on the Mexican national team. Joined by a few other friends, David Gonzalez made the rounds at Fenway last night with his billionaire buddy. They took photos in the Sox clubhouse with David Ortiz, then watched batting practice from a spot on the field adjacent to the Red Sox dugout. Slim watched the game from Henry’s corner seat by the dugout (he moved upstairs to hang with Henry and Larry Lucchino, but returned to the lower boxes for the ninth). When Slim was in the lower boxes, David Gonzalez sat in the seat directly behind Slim. Few of the fans and ballplayers in the area were aware that they were in the presence of the richest man in the world."...


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