Sunday, August 21, 2011

'Dweeb of the Week, Joe Torre,' just another politician-Raissman

Joe Torre is just an overpaid messenger delivering Bud Selig's fatwa that umpires are more important than the game and must be coddled.

"For not holding Dana DeMuth accountable. When the dust settled following the controversy over Billy Butler's home run Wednesday night in K.C. one fact was clear: The ump didn't know the ground rules. That's kind of important, right? Instead of sending a message, Torre sent excuses. He said DeMuth felt bad about the mistake, and this all was about a "misunderstanding" of the rule. Torre did absolutely nothing for fans who lack confidence in the current crop of umpires. Until further notice Torre's decision to not even issue a slap on the wrist means the VP of baseball operations office deals

  • in baseball politics rather than baseball justice."

8/20/11, "David Cone's work on the Yankees' network gives viewers a reason to keep the sound on," NY Daily News, Bob Raissman


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