Sunday, July 10, 2011

More pictures of Jeter 3000

  • Derek Jeter waves to fans after 7/9/11 game and his 3000th regular season hit, photo McIsaac, Newsday. subscription
  • The 3000th hit off Tampa Bay's David Price, 3rd inning, 7/09/11, photo McIsaac, Newsday, subscrip.
  • Jorge Posada is first to greet longtime team mate and friend Derek Jeter after 3000, McIsaac, Newsday
  • Jorge Posada is first to greet Jeter after 3000, D. Pokress, Newsday
  • Fans cheer Derek Jeter on his 3000th regular season hit, 7/9/11, photo Newsday
  • Jeter crosses the plate after 3000th hit, team comes out to greet him, 7/9, photo Lawrence Fung, Flickr
  • -------------------------------
Ryan Braun: ""I think he's (Jeter) underrated. I don't think people appreciate what he's done as a shortstop.""...7/9/11, Brewers.com, Last Call

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