Thursday, March 24, 2011

Padres and Nationals had highest operating income in 2010, Ted Lerner richest owner in baseball-CBS Sports

3/23/11, "Interestingly, the Padres had the highest operating income, at $37.2 million. The Nationals checked in second at $36.6 million. Remember, the Nationals have the richest owner in baseball -- Ted Lerner -- so the road is definitely paved for the Nats to drastically increase payroll should they decide to do so. As I've written before, don't count them out as being a major player by the end of this decade. The Rangers saw the highest increase in value with the Giants third, which makes sense considering they played in the World Series. The Twins saw the second-highest increase in franchise value, which coincided
  • with opening their new home park, Target Field.
After the Yankees, the rest of the top five franchises in value are the Red Sox, Dodgers, Cubs and Mets. 3/23/11, "Red Sox, Tigers, Mets, lost money in 2010," CBSSports.com, Matt Snyder

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