Monday, July 12, 2010

Why not have the All Star game in wonderful Mexico? Oh...gunfire at the stadium....BBC

7/12, BBC, "Mexican baseball league game suspended amid shootings"
  • "The Mexican baseball league has been forced to suspend a game in progress because of gunfire at a stadium.

The game between the Broncos at their home stadium in Reynosa and the Monterrey Sultans was suddenly interrupted when gunshots were heard.

Panic spread through the crowd of spectators after a group of unknown gunmen exchanged fire on Sunday.

  • Baseball officials then took the decision to stop the game.

There are no reports of casualties.

A spokesman for the league, Gabriel Medina, said: "We had to re-schedule for security reasons....

  • The game will resume on Friday in the city of Monterrey.

However, Monterrey has also seen a recent upsurge in drug-related violence with at least five people killed there at the weekend -

  • one of them decapitated.

Authorities in Reynosa don't know whether the shootings at the Adolfo Lopez Mateo stadium are linked to organised drugs gangs....

  • More than 23,000 lives are estimated to have been lost so far in turf wars between rival drug cartels and state security forces.

US anti-narcotics officials have noted that the unrest has started to spill over the border.

The shootings in Reynosa

  • are close to the US state of Texas."

4/27/10, "Explosive device found near Reynosa Broncos (Baseball) Stadium" shortly before game was scheduled to begin.

  • via Gateway Pundit
How about rewarding Mexico with the World Baseball Classic? ed.


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