Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Seinfeld on Wednesday SNY Tigers-Mets gig as related to Steve Somers, Gaga 'pathetic'--Neil Best

6/22, Neil Best, "Jerry Seinfeld declined to speak to me and other newspaper scribes about his gig
  • in the SNY booth beginning in the third inning Wednesday night, but he did do so with his old pal Steve Somers on WFAN Tuesday.

Here is the audio.

Seinfeld said nice things about the SNY announcing crew, including Kevin Burkhardt's "amazing head of hair."

  • "I could to that," he said. "How hard is it to say, 'There's a hit?'"....

Seinfeld on Lady Gaga, who recently turned up in Seinfeld's suite at Citi Field (without his knowledge or permission):

"I wish her the best . . . You take one 'a' off that and you've got 'gag.'"

  • Later, he (jokingly, sort of) called her a "jerk" and "pathetic."
from Neil Best Watchdog, "Seinfeld on Gaga, "pathetic"" with Steve Somers laughing in the background. From the transcript it sounds like if he cared one way or the other the term would be 'pathetic' but overall it (the Gaga topic) is not worth his time. UPDATE: The shirt Lady Gaga was wearing at the Yankee game was a Mariano Rivera shirt, per Orlando Sentinel, George Diaz, 6/23

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