Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Discussion of Jody Mac-Brandon Tierney pairing

Discussion of Jody Mac/Brandon Tierney on NY Radio Message Board:
  • 2. "Tierney comes on way too strong. Even when he's solo, there's too much "dude" type attitude. Trying to mesh that approach with a partner is tough. If he could tone it down some, it would come off better."...
  • 3. "The show airs weekdays from 1pm-3pm in an attempt to have a local show on vs. Mike Francesa's on WFAN that could make a dent in his audience. There does seem to be an oil/water mix to the show: good in that it can provoke discussion & have varying opinions bandied about; bad in that if there's (bad) tension between the hosts, the chemistry of the show could be thrown off & it becomes a bad listen. May be too early to tell; will have to evaluate further as time goes on. The chemistry was the essence of the Mike & the Mad Dog Show on WFAN: hard to quantify, hard to know from the start if the right people have been put together. That one happened to work out. ;)

The other newly added show to the WEPN 1050 AM weekday schedule recently that is meant to be the main promotional vehicle for www.espnnewyork.com (or www.espnny.com) is Seth Everett's 10am-11am show.

comments from NY Radio Message Board on topic, "Anyone enjoying Jody Mac/Brandon Tierney? I'm not.""


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