Sunday, March 07, 2010

State of New Jersey passed cap and trade in 2005, RGGI pressure group key to millions at stake

No need for preoccupation with national cap and trade. NJ Government Press Release: "In October (2005), New Jersey took a crucial first step to tackle global warming by New Jersey was one of the first states in the nation to take such action. The adopted regulations established the framework to allow the Garden State to quickly move At the bottom of its press release the State of New Jersey refers readers to the RGGI for more information. RGGI is not a government group. It is a group of special interests in business to steer money to others, including at least one carbon trading group. Millions have already been "traded." Billions in profits for carbon traders hang on the success of this group, RGGI. RGGI may be legally defined as non-profit but they extract and steer millions to interests involved with their carbon offsets operation.
  • 12/20/2005: "Today’s agreement, approved by seven states (New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine)
  • calls for a mandatory cap on emissions, coupled with
to achieve the lowest possible compliance costs."... Bloomberg, 3/1/10: "Most of the U.S. value is tied to a 10-state cap-and-trade program for power plants in the nation’s Northeast called the

Besides the carbon dioxide permits from the Northeast’s program,

"US carbon market worth $2.7 billion, analyst says," 3/1/10 by Simon Lomax**** 8/25/08: "Last week the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) began trading of emission permits under the
  • Regional Greenhouse Gas Inititative (RGGI).
The RGGI consists of 10 member states and is the for power plants to either adhere to the stipulated emission levels Rolling Stone, 7/13/09, "Goldman Sachs is everywhere." from "The Great American Bubble Machine" by Matt Taibbi
  • Nothing is actually traded in this scam, just "permits." It is the transaction itself that makes money. ed.


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