Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Carnegie Corp. gave $500,000 to study melting Himalayas in 2008

Re-cap of how the fake man-caused Himalaya melting story began (in 1999) before it ended up influencing governments and people around the world via media treatment as a great man-caused tragedy:
  • 1/18/10: "In the course of a garbled phone conversation (in 1999) a scientist accidentally invents a problem that doesn’t exist.
  • This gets reported as if gospel in an influential Warmist science magazine and repeated by a Warmist NGO, before
  • being lent the full authority of the (UN) IPCC’s (2007) fourth assessment report which, as we know, can’t be wrong because it is vetted by around 2,500 scientists." (And the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the IPCC's climate chairman).
"Then, on the back of this untrue story, the scientist gets a cushy job at the institution whose director is also in charge of the IPCC."... WWF (World Wildlife Fund) whose concerns expressed in a report enabled our friend Dr Pachauri’s TERI to approach the wealthy Carnegie Corporation of New York for grant funding to support further research into this most important issue.

In November 2008, they were successful, being awarded a $500.000 grant for “research, analysis and training on water-related security and humanitarian challenges to South Asia

This helped Dr Pachauri" (recipient of Nobel Peace Prize for climate studies) "set up the TERI Glaciology team, putting at its head now

professor Syed Iqbal Hasnain."...

"Syed Hasnain, RK Pachauri and the mystery of the non-disappearing glaciers," UK Telegraph, James Delingpole, reference, EU Referendum

The Nobel Prize winning UN IPCC lacks ability to perform due diligence.

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