Thursday, January 22, 2009

MLB 'Green Advisor' recommends carbon offset purchases

Each MLB team has an 'NRDC green advisor' slate of instructions from Bud Selig. Among what should be common sense are invitations to buy into the multi-billion dollar scam of 'carbon offsets' which is largely unregulated, unproven and one of the things that brought down Lehman Brothers (all of which I've noted on this blog). All to support the idea of man-made global warming--which does not exist. (Nor did I find a tab telling what a killer ethanol has turned out to be. And that the ethanol racket is going bankrupt).
  • Included in the green advisor for the Los Angeles Angels (and all teams) is the category of travel with the subhead 'offsetting emissions'. Its summation advises you can help repair 'global warming.' (Which exists only under enormous pressure by a billionaire- mass media-government against the harried, subservient taxpayer who is already broke):
"Offsetting carbon emissions from travel

Your team may want to consider reducing the net carbon emissions associated with its transportation needs

  • by purchasing carbon offsets. When your team
  • buys a carbon offset, it is investing in a project – such as new renewable energy projects – that will yield a measurable reduction in future greenhouse gas emissions.

You may also wish to suggest similar programs to the bus, truck, car, and rental companies with which you do business.

However, carbon offsets should not be the first option when attempting to improve the environmental profile of your transportation. Before purchasing offsets, consider implementing other initiatives to promote environmentally superior forms of transportation such as walking, bicycling, public transportation, car pools, and the use of high fuel-efficiency vehicles.

Green-e and the California Climate Action Registry have recently launched certification programs to ensure the environmental quality of carbon offsets.

Calculate your carbon emissions

What are Carbon Offsets?

Greenhouse gas offsets are investments in projects that avoid, capture or sequester emissions of greenhouse gasses.

  • Examples of such projects include renewable energy projects, such as solar and wind power, and the capture of methane at agricultural or waste facilities.
Environmental Benefits It is sometimes not possible to bike to work or ride public transportation every day. And while hybrid cars are more fuel efficient than the average car, they still run partially on gasoline and therefore emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. So in the near term, your team will likely continue to have a sizable carbon footprint.
  • When you buy offsets, you reduce your net emissions of greenhouse gasses, helping to reduce
MLB teams should not be involved in the carbon trading market. It is not a social program. It is political, financial, and unproven. sm

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