Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wondering about Dibble, Kennedy, and Classic Games on XM 175

I listened to Rob Dibble without Kevin Kennedy last week, didn't hear if this was a permanent move or not. I briefly heard Kennedy on another XM show, so he may still be with the channel. Both Dibble and Kennedy photos appear on MLB 175 Sirius XM website. The guy they put with Rob last week makes it a different program. A poster to XMFan.com seems to think Dibble and Kennedy have been separated:
  • Barnesy: "So far, I'm disappointed with Mark's forced departure, pleased with
  • (I liked Dibble and Kennedy together). sm
More ominous was this comment from XMFan.com: followed by I haven't tuned in at 3AM to see if Classic Games have been canceled, but if posters are correct, it's not a good sign. I recall this, 5/27/08 on the MLB/XM relationship: Now XM is struggling to maintain a required $120 million escrow account which is part of its agreement with MLB…With money now tighter than ever, XM, having a tough time coming up with the dough may have to issue more stock which will hurt existing shareholders. From Mel Phillips Now and Then Blog, "MLB Puts the Heat on XM," 5/27/08 Via RadioDailyNews.com
  • (Needless to say, baseball needs to stay on satellite radio, hopefully it's XM). sm

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