Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Neil Best on Chris Russo's comments re split rumor

Mr. Best notes possibility of satellite radio for one of the duo. Which would be great except many people who need to hear the show would cease to do so. Russo did confirm Mr. Best's points about problems in his relationship with Mike:
  • (Best): "Russo said that from around Easter (March 23) through May 9, "Mike and I were .having a lot of issues. If you're a listener, I don't have to tell you . . . We were fighting like cats and dogs. The tolerance level of each other, Mike to me, me to Mike, was low."
Russo said operations director Mark Chernoff finally asked him to talk to Francesa."... (P.S. Since a main feature of having Mike and Chris together is for them to disagree on things, I didn't notice anything unusual. In fact, to me they seemed to agree too much on major things recently, such as what has been going on with Met management. As a regular listener, I didn't think any unusual spats were going on). sm

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