Saturday, May 26, 2007

Schilling has another post mentioning Mariano Rivera

Following up on his "Mo has the best cutter in the game," blog entry I noted here on May 21st, Curt Schilling seems to address some teary ESPN types but goes a step further. Those guys just want to ignore Rivera, but Mr Schilling is actually in the game and knows quite a bit more. And he's probably not desperately looking to ESPN for future income as others are.

  • From his blog 38Pitches.com on May 25, 2007, Q&A Section:

"Q-Who do you think is a better closer at this point, Papelbon or Rivera?

A-Not a question that can be answered with anything but opinion really. Mariano is, in my opinion the best closer of all time. His resume better be a unanimous first ballot Hall of Fame one.*** On the other hand I think Paps is the best closer in the game right now."
  • ***To the uninformed, why would Schilling even mention his concern about Rivera being a 1st ballot HOF? Because he knows how BBWAA members operate.
  • Regarding his other statement, we'll see how the season goes. You notice he didn't MENTION TOTAL SAVES--SINCE HE ACTUALLY PLAYS THE GAME, HE'S AWARE THAT'S NOT AN AUTOMATIC JUDGE OF A CLOSER, AND MARIANO RANKS #32 in the Majors in SAVE "OPPORTUNITIES" right now. #32. That's the meaning of the "save" stat--no opportunities, no saves, just regular innings.
Item from 38pitches.com, 5/25/07, Q&A Section XIII

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