Saturday, October 28, 2006

Peeks at GM Fountain in CF at Comerica= $1.5 million--GM

This year, Chevrolet's partnership with Fox and Major League Baseball has proved extraordinarily successful because of the success of the Tigers, whose home field of Comerica Park is located mere blocks from GM's world headquarters in downtown Detroit.
  • Fox, either by design or inadvertently, has shown numerous images of various Chevrolet and GM logos in the city. The General Motors Fountain in center field of Comerica has been worth $1.5 million in exposure for the GM brand, Joyce Julius said."The deeper the Tigers go in the postseason, the better it is for us," Caruso said. "It definitely gives us that added opportunity."
The success of the Tigers follows the city's hosting of the Super Bowl last February, as well as the 2004 Ryder Cup, 2005 Major League Baseball All-Star Game and recent championships by the Detroit Pistons of the NBA and Detroit Shock of the WNBA. The result has been tons of added exposure for General Motors, with much of it requiring little additional investment from the company. Washington Times, 10/28/06

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