Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Jack Curry fires another passive-aggressive but well-aimed shot

This hype by Curry is aimed more at keeping out the most deserving AL MVP for the past decade. A fascinating conclusion from the brain of a guy who tracks down half naked ballplayers in places where they shower. Curry states with authority that Ortiz is frontrunner for AL MVP. Maybe they've changed all the rules around-- He says:
  • "Despite the various shifts he has faced, Ortiz is having another standout season. He has put together numbers — 40 home runs, 109 runs batted in and a .290 batting average — that make him the front-runner for the American League’s Most Valuable Player award." NY Times, 8/7/06
So now none of us has to worry--it's all decided -- what a swell deal it must be to know the intimate and considered thoughts of over 500 colleagues, that these colleagues have viewed all Ortiz games, plus all games of 13 other teams in the league. Congratulations to David Ortiz. To any other poor slobs who may qualify--well, take a hike.
  • And, oh yes, Tony Massarotti can get back to the memoir he's writing with Ortiz, knowing that lots of money will be coming in on that book deal after the MVP is announced. Of course, Tony is a voting member of the group that gives out the award, the BBWAA. I guess they don't have any ethics problems with voters being involved in business arrangements with eligible players.
Jack Curry continues his passive-aggressive attack style, as I've documented on this blog. Jack's object as always is to deny Mariano Rivera the recognition he deserves--AL MVP for the past decade.

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