Monday, March 13, 2006

Using mass media & emotion, the bullies will steal our players again

Listening to the Venezuela-Puerto Rico game, it's a mass media campaign to ruin the sport as we know it. These people have no shame---saying mlb now wants the whole season to officially start earlier, so they can formally take all our players away. No mention that the season is already too long. And a dramatic pitch by Lasorda that George should stop his pesky worrying that players will get hurt. Right. Adrian Beltre is already injured. Is there an insurance policy in place in the WBC that reimburses grounds keepers, vendors, security, players, fans, etc. for the millions of dollars of Beltre's salary? George hasn't said enough. SOMEBODY BESIDES ME PLEASE SPEAK UP. YOU CAN'T POSSIBLY WATCH THIS THING & think it's the same as spring training. AND, the US SHOULD FORFEIT THE GAME IN WHICH THE FIRED UMPIRE BLEW THE CALL.

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