Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Two dismembered bodies in southern Mexico said to be message from La Sierra Cartel

The dismembered bodies of two men, a fact which is attributed to "The new poster for the Sierra", were left scattered on a sidewalk interactive museum located across the Wasp, of this city, where they were found at 4: 00 am on Tuesday along with a narcomensaje. ...
  • A prosecutor of the civil courts came to the site accompanied by experts in Criminology from the Attorney General, who conducted the initial inquiries and then ordered the Forensic Medical Service personnel to lift the wreckage and moved to its facilities.
It is emphasized that the heads had bruises and eyes had used chopsticks in the kitchen. Until 2 pm this Tuesday, the bodies were not identified." An AP report from Mexico City mentions a variety of recent killings in Mexico, 2 among them these two dismembered from Chilpancingo above. Penticton Herald, Canadian Press

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