Sunday, December 31, 2006

Julian Tavarez logical candidate for Red Sox closer--Cafardo

Noting he has the 'mind set,' and was Pittsburgh's closer at one time, the Globe's Nick Cafardo says,
  • "It appears that Tavarez will get the greatest opportunity to take the job. Throughout his career, his stuff has been at times unhittable. Yet last season he was relegated to mop-up duty before the Sox used him in the rotation late in the season. Tavarez seemed to have a ball as a starter. He was happy again, thriving. Would he be the same if he's given the closer job? He does, after all, thrive on adrenaline. He seems to get up for situations in which the team needs him."
from the Boston Globe, 12/31/06 P.S. Isn't "mind-set" an intangible?

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Big Unit Talks Hitting Big Snag--NY Daily News

Bill Madden & Anthony McCarron report,
  • 'The Yankees' possible trade of Randy Johnson to the Diamondbacks, a deal that appeared to be gaining steam toward the end of last week, has slowed over the structuring of a potential contract extension for Johnson, according to a person with knowledge of the negotiations.'
The D-backs spent millions of someone else's money to win their 2001 championship, still owe Randy a bunch of dough from those days, and don't have enough left to give him an extension. The report says the Padres are still a possibility, but to me the Padres are always a last option--their allegiance (after themselves) is to the Red Sox, so they'd only be wasting the Yankees' time or give them someone broken down.

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Jon Heyman--Clemens & Randy intrigue for the curious

Heyman's opening thesis is the Yankees look to replace Johnson with Clemens, concerned about dates, etc. But later he comes up with the news Clemens no likey Johnson, wouldn't want to shower together, etc.:
  • "The word going around is that while Clemens loved the convenience of home, he also misses the drama of New York. And, whether they know it or not, the Yankees' efforts in trying to trade Johnson could enhance their chances to land Clemens. Beyond the fact that by trading Johnson they would free up dollars,
  • word is that Clemens doesn't particularly like Johnson to the point where he might even prefer to go to Boston or stay in Houston if the Yankees fail to unload The Big Unit."
2 known facts: D-backs say Connor Jackson will not be in any deal, and HIS RANDINESS IS VACATIONING IN HAWAII ANYHOW, so deal may have to wait til he paddles back. from SI.com, 12/31/06

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Pedro signs autographs for fans at David Ortiz event

Pedro signing for fans at David Ortiz charity softball event in Dominican on Saturday. Photo from Listin Diario, 12/31/06 in article by Freddy Tapia.

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

The NY Times dumps on American baseball players via year-end review

NY Times' George Vecsey's memorable dates in 2006 include these 2 (after his opening paragraph which, of course, says US athletes were losers across the board this year--now he's got you):

"WASHINGTON, JAN. 17--Sadaharu Oh, who hit 868 home runs in Japan, and Henry Aaron, who hit 755 in North America, are publicizing the first World Baseball Classic in March. The Japanese ambassador to the United States, Ryozo Kato, discusses how baseball helped revive Japan in the late 1940s."

  • This scene to me shows the desperation and total lack of conscience of baseball's corporate elitists. The World Baseball Classic had so many problems, was forced to happen too quickly, so that many American players were irreparably damaged. Yet Vecsey's thesis in his opening paragraph is how big a failure American athletes have been this year in a number of ways. YOU CRITICIZE AMERICANS TO FORCE THEM TO FOCUS GLOBALLY, TO BLEND IN WITH THE WORLD. THEN YOU SAY SINCE THEY DIDN'T WIN ENOUGH INDIVIDUALLY IN THE INTERNATIONAL ARENA THEY'RE FAILURES. THIS IS A CONTRADICTION ENDEMIC TO THE NY TIMES AND MOST BASEBALL MEDIA.

You tell American athletes to forget their selfish local interests, teams, employers, families, and their own health.

To do this, they give up their identity which is entirely what you want them for-- to make money from that identity. When they play for the world and don't win, YOU SINGLE THEM OUT AS FAILURES. GET IT? YOU'RE SICK.

  • Continuing to dump on Americans instead of using his forum to be helpful in some way, one of Vecsey's other jabs:

"SAN JUAN, P.R., MARCH 9--While many American fans and players seem confused by the concept of a world tournament, the Cubans represent their political system in their own intense way: spraying the dugout with water every inning for good luck, practicing in private, performing drills that seem like soccer or football exercises. Japan will beat Cuba in the finals, yet another reminder that Americans should not take anything for granted these days."

Vecsey joins the conventional talking points of the corporate imperial rulers of MLB, Inc. and the international globalist agenda. Which is, at best Americans are "confused," whereas Cubans are able to "represent THEIR political system," employing useful measures for "good luck," as well as "practicing in private," (oh, I see), etc., "yet another reminder for Americans..."

  • Those American blunderers, bludgeoned by the likes of you gave up their teams, their health, their families, their employers, their fans, and any small amount of home life they might have had TO LEND THEIR NAMES TO EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD SO THE ELITISTS AND OTHERS COULD MAKE MONEY TO GET WHAT THEY WANTED.
  • I hope players and teams show more backbone next time rather than becoming ridiculed and beaten slaves.
The 2 items from the NY Times, George Vecsey column, "Postcards from 2006," Dec. 31, 2006.

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Ken Rosenthal changes his multi-million dollar HOF vote following team PR campaign--12/05

"Actually, Rice was dominant for 12 years, from 1975 to '86. During that period, according to research by Red Sox vice-president/historian Dick Bresciani, Rice led the American League in games, at-bats, runs, hits, home runs, RBIs, slugging percentage, total bases and outfield assists.

More from Bresciani: Rice is one of only nine retired players with at least 382 homers and a career average of .298. The others are Hank Aaron, Jimmie Foxx, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Stan Musial, Mel Ott, Babe Ruth and Ted Williams — all Hall of Famers.

Did such facts change my mind? Not really; I already had a decent grasp of Rice's place in history. But Bresciani's case— and the pleas of Rice fans in e-mails, and conversations over the years left me with a gnawing feeling. Like many voters, I frequently reconsider my ballot. And I never was totally comfortable with my position on Rice." (from Rosenthal's foxsports.com article, 12/05)

  • Lonestarball.com (12/26/05) puts the Rice info into another perspective, perhaps not part of the overwhelming barrage of publicity from the Red Sox PR Dept.:

"Of course, by making the cut-off exactly Rice's homer totals and career average, it stacks the deck somewhat. Just look at the players immediately surrounding Rice in homers.

Harold Baines had a .289 average and 384 homers, plus a better OBP than Rice. He's not a Hall of Famer.

  • Frank Howard had exactly the same number of homers, and while he had a lower average, he had exactly the same OBP as Rice. And Howard played in a much less hitter-friendly environment. Howard isn't a HOFer.

Albert Belle had a .295 average and 381 homers. And Belle has a 23 point edge in EQA over Rice. If Rice is a HOFer, so is Albert Belle.

Dwight Evans had more homers than Rice, a big edge in OBP, and was an elite defensive rightfielder, to boot. Yet Dwight Evans -- a legitimate HOFer -- gets no consideration.

Darrell Evans had more homers and a higher OBP than Rice. But he's not considered a HOFer.

  • In fact, Rice's impending election -- and it looks like he will be elected, even though he has no business in the Hall -- is probably great news for Juan Gonzalez, the Jim Rice of the 1990s.

Like Rice, Juan played in a great hitter's park. Like Rice, Juan was one of the most feared hitters in the game. Like Rice, Juan quit being an effective player in his early-30s.

Juan's .295 average and 434 homers compare favorably to Rice, and Juan has a higher career EQA than Rice. Juan also has two MVP awards, to just one for Rice.

  • It looks like Jim Rice will be elected, in what will be a blow to the "stathead" faction of the baseball world, and a big victory for a "I know a Hall of Famer when I see him" faction. Even Rosenthal concedes:
  • One of my concerns in electing Rice to Cooperstown is that it would strengthen the candidacies of other borderline candidates, effectively lowering the Hall's standards. Based on "Win Shares," James' all-encompassing statistic to rate each player, Dave Parker, Dale Murphy and Will Clark were among those who had superior careers to Rice. Fair enough. I just don't see any of them as Hall of Famers.

    But it looks like Jim Rice will get in...if not this year, then in the next few years.

    Too bad for guys like Murphy, Parker and Clark, and for guys like Frank Howard and Dewey Evans and Reggie Smith and Freddie Lynn and Ken Singleton, contemporaries of Rice who were better players, but who get no consideration for the Hall while Rice gets in."
If you want to hang your hat on the "not really" Rosenthal volunteered as to whether the Red Sox PR bash influenced his multi-million dollar vote, then have a nice day. My issue here isn't as much Rice as the fact that HOF VOTING SHOULD BE CANCELLED IMMEDIATELY AS FRAUDULENT.

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Friday, December 29, 2006

The Death of ESPN--NY Post

"MONDAY night on ESPN, the all- sports network that has quit on sports fans in favor of everyone and everything else...these days, ESPN's bus to Stupidtown - far, far from the game - leaves every few minutes. All aboard!

In the second quarter, ESPN's Steve Young,

  • this week's special in-booth guest/needless distraction, was asked to assess Miami's QB situation. He suggested injured Dolphins QB Daunte Culpepper lacks dedication. "I see where he's been missing meetings," said Young.
  • In the fourth quarter, after Culpepper, who heard Young's comment, confronted Young off-air to tell him that he doesn't know what he's talking (to a national audience) about - he had not missed any team meetings other than when he had knee surgery - Theismann issued a clarification on Young's behalf.

  • That, too, is typical of the new ESPN, where ex-star players are hired by the ton, then thrown on national TV to say anything about anyone, no accountability needed,
  • as if it's one big blog. Last year, Young declared that Chris Simms was disadvantaged by his soft upbringing, which not only enraged Chris's dad, Phil, it was a terrible guess presented as insight.

    ****But all of the above is representative of why ESPN is our TV Story Of The Year. What ESPN has long been moving toward -

  • its self-destruction as a cherished sports network - was, in 2006, nearly completed."

(From Phil Mushnick's column, NY Post 12/29/06)

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Dan Duquette scouting players in Israel & Massachusetts

The Israeli Baseball "league has attracted castoffs from major league teams, former college and high school players who never got a shot at the pros, and ordinary fans with a dream." Dan Duquette is director of player development and looks forward to a June 24 start for the league.

This is what Israelis need. Israelis need family time, time away from the stress,” said operations director Martin Berger, a Miami lawyer.

  • Officials also said they hope to compete in the 2009 World Baseball Classic with Jewish major and minor league players such as Jason Marquis of the Chicago Cubs and Boston's Kevin Youkilis.

Berger said the league will also bring equipment to Israel, build baseball fields, improve the few smaller diamonds and offer youth training.

“Baseball, to us, is the great American game and there's so many Americans in Israel and there's so many great supporters of Israel in America,” Berger said. “It's just a logical thing to do.” Also reported by AP in San Diego U-T

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10 Best Sports Columns of the Year, per Wall St. Journal's Daily Fix

Never fear, the list includes more than 1 with an anti-Yankee complex. Plus a useful one on how to be a Royals' fan.

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Juan Uribe summoned to Dominican Court January 2nd

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, AP Report: "Chicago White Sox shortstop Juan Uribe has been summoned to appear in court on Jan. 2 in connection with the shooting of a farmer, according to a court order obtained by The Associated Press.

The shortstop was mandated to appear before a judge in his home province of San Cristobal, according to the court order. Uribe, who has denied any wrongdoing, did not respond to requests for comment.

Uribe, his brother and a friend were questioned and released following a shooting in October that wounded a Dominican farmer in the coastal city of Juan Baron.

Antonio Gonzalez Perez said he was arguing with Uribe when the player pulled out a pistol and began to fire. An Italian man who was also shot did not file charges.

District Attorney Robert Lugo had previously said that prosecutors had seen no proof that Uribe was involved with the shooting.

Gonzalez's lawyers have requested that Uribe be barred from leaving the Caribbean country during an investigation, court documents said. Judge Regina Carvajal Vizcaino had not ruled on that request.

Under Dominican law, suspects in criminal cases can be jailed preventatively while under investigation."

AP Report, 12/28/06 from the International Herald Tribune

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

MLB, Inc., Pravda, take your pick--they say whatever they want and it's believed-true or false

Tom Singer's MLB.com/Pravda article attempts to pull stats in favor of Lee Smith for the HOF. (I hope Mr. Smith makes it). But, Singer apparently wants to advance his career, make more money, etc. so he sneaks in some false info about Mariano: "Smith went 12 seasons between his first 30-save season and his last (1995) -- noteworthy in a Mariano Rivera context, since the Yankees' ice-blooded closer, perceived as durable, hasn't even been in the Majors as long."
  • Mariano Rivera has in fact been in the majors for 12 seasons, has pitched in both the regular AND postseason for all 12 years. Why does Singer lie? Mo is "perceived as durable?" Well, IF he's durable, that might be because he's been pitching every year several times over 90 innings adding regular and post season, and has 656 GF 1995-2006, 599 regular season and 57 GF in the post season. And Rivera has many multi-inning Saves and Wins. WHY DOES MLB.COM, INC. PICK ON MARIANO RIVERA? WILL SINGER'S COMPLIANCE GET HIM IN THE WRITERS' WING OF THE HALL OF FAME?
I do hope Lee Smith gets in--his long-time late inning relief duty included:
  • Very few homeruns
  • More GF than anyone else
---too many so-called closers give up too many Homeruns. You can't do that and expect to get awards. If you want to give up Homeruns, be a starter. Smith's record also shows the sham of selling the "total saves" stat as the defining one for a closer. If you want all the glory for the least amount of work, that's the 1 stat you try and pump. But, that by no means says you're the best.
  • And, Lee Smith's record has a lot more going for it than "total saves."

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Boston.com to Share With Japanese Site

BOSTON -- Boston.com, the Web site of The Boston Globe, has signed a content-sharing agreement with an established Japanese language baseball site, it was announced Thursday. Under the agreement, excerpts of baseball coverage in the newspaper, on Boston.com and on the Boston Dirt Dogs fan site will be translated into Japanese and posted on Go-RedSox.com, a site that has been operated for the past three years by Japanese sports journalist Daigo Fujiwara, who also is a graphics designer at the Globe. Fujiwara also operates a site on Japanese baseball players in Major League Baseball.
  • The Globe also announced its sports writer Gordon Edes has committed to a twice-monthly column for Japan's leading sports publication, the Sankei Daily Sports.
The Globe and Boston.com are owned by The New York Times Co., which also is a part owner of the Red Sox. (AP Report)

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He's not buying it

A New England reporter isn't "buying" that Papelbon won't be the Red Sox closer in 2007. Just for the record, the guy is Barry Scanlon from The Sun in Lowell, Mass. 12/28/06. He thinks there's nobody else out there, Papelbon is a big guy, and there should be exercises to work out his shoulder problem. None of this is scientific, but is right in line with the average reasoning of voting members of the BBWAA.

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The 9th Circuit Court of Schlamiels

The steroid decision has at least a 50-50 chance of being overturned. A CNN article in 2002 even said:
  • "The 9th Circuit is the most overturned appeals court in the country and is considered by legal scholars to be the most liberal. States under its jurisdiction are Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon and Washington."
The article is mostly about the pledge of allegiance case, the 'overturned' statement about 3/4 into it. The claim has been disputed, but the court is still seen as adventurous. The 'Schlamiels' tag isn't one I dreamed up myself, an inventive radio talk show host thought it up.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Latest report on Juan Uribe from Dominican--"Impediment,"12/26/06

San Cristobal-"To the player Juan Uribe Tenas, of the Chicago White Sox and the Lions of the Chosen one, an impediment of exit and 10,0 million pesos like measurement of coercion after being accused were asked for him to participate in an attempt of homicide against the worker Antonio González Perez, in a happened fact the 13 of October last in the park of the municipality Juan Baron.

The pedimento was deposited the 23 of the currents by the lawyers Carlos Manuel de la Cruz, Heriberto González Perez and Roberto Oscar Faxas Sanchez by before the Magistrada Judge of Instruction of San Cristóbal, Regina Carvajal Martinez.

The lawyers gave to the Fiscal Solicitor of the Judicial District of San Cristóbal, another request with equal terms yesterday. The lawyers request “to aperturar hearing to impose measurement of coercion to Juan Uribe Tenas” and they immediately ask for an economic guarantee of 10,0 million pesos, the prohibition to leave the country and the obligation to appear before the corresponding judicial authority, periodically.

The request is based, according to the plaintiffs who represent the worker Antonio González Perez, in article 226 of the procedural code. That article gives powers to the judge so that to request of the Public Ministry or the plaintiffs, to impose measures of coercion against imputing, after listening to its reasons. The lawyers motivate their request because according to they say “in the present case exist numerous tests that allow to impose a measurement of coercion to the imputed Uribe Tenas”.

With those guarantees they try to assure that no person can be private to defend her harmed right and to demand her repair before the courts. The request was done as soon as the Judge of the Instruction rejected the file of the file, request that the Public Ministry in date 18 had done of December of the 2006."

Article by Ramon Rodriguez, Listin Diario, 12/26/06, google translation

Original article in Spanish by Ramon Rodriguez, Listin Diario, 12/26/06

"Impedimento de salida y 10 millones a Uribe"

San Cristobal--"Al jugador Juan Uribe Tenas, de los Medias Blancas de Chicago y los Leones del Escogido, le fue solicitado un impedimento de salida y 10.0 millones de pesos como medida de coerción tras ser acusado de participar en un intento de homicidio contra el obrero Antonio González Pérez, en un hecho ocurrido el 13 de octubre pasado en el parque del municipio Juan Barón.

El pedimento fue depositado el 23 de los corrientes por los abogados Carlos Manuel de la Cruz, Heriberto González Pérez y Roberto Oscar Faxas Sánchez por ante la Magistrada Juez de Instrucción de San Cristóbal, Regina Carvajal Martínez.

Ayer los abogados entregaron a la Procuradora Fiscal del Distrito Judicial de San Cristóbal, otra petición con iguales términos. Los abogados piden “aperturar audiencia para imponer medida de coerción a Juan Uribe Tenas” y de inmediato solicitan una garantía económica de 10.0 millones de pesos, la prohibición de salir del país y la obligación de presentarse ante la autoridad judicial correspondiente, periódicamente.

La petición está fundamentada, según los querellantes que representan al obrero Antonio González Pérez, en el artículo 226 del código procesal. Ese artículo da poderes al juez para que a solicitud del Ministerio Público el o los querellantes, imponer medidas de coerción contra un imputado, luego de escuchar sus razones. Los abogados motivan su petición porque según dicen “en el presente caso existen numerosas pruebas que permiten imponer una medida de coerción al imputado Uribe Tenas”.

Con esas garantías procuran asegurar que ninguna persona pueda ser privada de defender su derecho vulnerado y reclamar su reparación ante los tribunales. La petición fue hecha luego que el Juez de la Instrucción rechazara el archivo del expediente, solicitud que había hecho el Ministerio Público en fecha 18 de diciembre del 2006."

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Did someone say, "Intangibles?" Klapisch on another guy who couldn't succeed in New York

On Randy Johnson's performance in New York, eye-witness Bob Klapisch relates the following:

"At least one baseball executive said, "I happen to believe if you put Johnson back in the

  • National League,
  • closer to home,
  • he can still be a factor."

Maybe not as a No. 1, but Johnson still throws hard enough to tame most NL hitters, even at age 44. With the D-Backs, the Unit instantly would become a No. 2 starter behind Brandon Webb.

Maybe everyone will walk away happy, or at least wiser. Johnson came to New York thinking he could shut out the noise and the frenzy, bullying reporters, distancing himself from teammates.

  • The Unit assumed he could make it to the World Series (and career victory No. 300) without any emotional investment in the Yankees or New York.
  • Turns out Johnson had neither the stuff nor the personality to become a star in the Bronx.

But that's not Cashman's fault; Johnson's acquisition represents the final gasp of the George Steinbrenner era --

  • the last of a long line of marquee players who,
  • despite their on-paper talent, somehow shrank in New York."
From Bob Klapisch's 12/27/06 column, "GO WEST, YOUNG MAN," The Record, North Jersey Media Group (and a BBWAA voter).
  • Intangibles mentioned:
  • 1. "Closer to home."
  • 2. Lack of "emotional investment."
  • 3. "Personality."
  • 4. "Long line of marquee players who, despite on paper talent, somehow shrank in New York."
  • 5. "National League," although this is more of a "tangible." (Newsflash to MVP voters).

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006


'The Star Tribune is being sold by McClatchy to private equity firm Avista Capital Partners. McClatchy says it decided to sell the Minneapolis-based paper -- through a private bidding process -- after a strategic reevaluation of its holdings in the wake of its recent acquisition of Knight Ridder. CEO Gary Pruitt says the Strib "is a profitable business that has generated significant returns for the company over the years. However, as we continue to analyze our business following the Knight Ridder acquisition, it became clear that selling the Star Tribune strengthens McClatchy's competitive position." || Read McClatchy's press release.' from Poynter.org /Romenesko

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Monday, December 25, 2006

You Must Remember This--written 10/5/02 by Peter Gammons re: Randy Johnson's contract: with D-backs

"Randy Johnson's (2003) contract bumps up $2.5 million for 2003 if he wins the Cy Young Award. And there are many around the game that feel that Arizona may be a franchise with huge financial problems. The 'Backs owe $34 million-$40 million in deferred payments a year from 2004 through 2010, and even this season, coming off a world championship, their attendance was lower than their first season."
  • From Peter Gammons column, espn.com, October 5, 2002. Not that there's anything wrong with that....(Here's a team saying a "regular season award" is worth $2.5 million. Any pitcher might easily choose that over helping his team in the post season---even knowing he's injuring himself just to get the award over someone else who may be more deserving--Too bad--if you're on the Yankees, they expect you to win the World Series--not a secret, fake, rigged award by a hack jury pre-selected for their certain vote).

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East Valley Tribune--Arizona has enough budget & good enough prospects to send back for Randy Johnson

'Johnson, 43, would be a fit for the D-Backs in several ways. After contending for five months in the NL West last season, the D-Backs are seeking to add one more starter to a rotation that includes current NL Cy Young winner Brandon Webb, Livan Hernandez and newcomer Doug Davis.
  • The D-Backs also appear to have at least $10 million to spend to hit their targeted budget of $60 million to $65 million this season.
  • At the same time, the D-Backs have not joined the bidding for top-tier free agents this winter because they appear loath to commit one-fourth of their payroll to one player.
To make a deal work, the D-Backs likely would ask the Yankees to pick up a portion of Johnson’s 2007 salary, of which $1.5 million is deferred. The Star-Ledger reported that the Yankees are not inclined to pay any of Johnson’s salary if he is moved.
  • The D-Backs have what they consider a stable of quality young starting pitchers, including three who have had minimal major league experience in Enrique Gonzalez, Edgar Gonzalez and Dustin Nippert and two who have moved rapidly up the minor league system, Micah Owings and Ross Ohlendorf.'
from Jack Magruder's article, 12/25/06, East Valley (AZ) Tribune

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When an "Intangible" becomes "Tangible"---getting rid of Randy Johnson

When a player doesn't want to play in a place for whatever reason, that's called an "intangible," an idea, a state of mind, a feeling. When this player, Randy Johnson, leaves one team, say the Yankees, and moves back to the west coast, he leaves a blank space on the mound, which is a physical or "tangible" thing. P.S. If you haven't followed Johnson's actual performances with the Yankees and rely only on selected stats, you can't possibly know what went on with him on this team. Unless you have a secondary hidden agenda (don't worry, no one cares) which motivates your obtuseness.

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How to be a front-line Yankee blogger: dump on them

As I've noted before here, you'll not advance in this world UNLESS you speak disdainfully of the Yankees WHILE POSING AS A YANKEE FAN. The intro of this item on a supposed front-line Yankee blog is quite typical:
  • "Andy Pettitte is back in town. The Mike Francesas of the world are delirious. One of the classic Torre Yankees, a big game pitcher, has returned to the fold. Pettitte's deal seems a bit rich at first blush, until you put it in the context of...
Off the Facade | Posted: 2006-12-24 16:01:58 " by Mitchell Plitnick First of all, Mike Francesa is not delirious. (Are you, Plitnick? Maybe you should get checked out). I've heard just about everything Mike has ever said about Pettitte, so I happen to be able to speak on the topic.
  • And, Plitnick, score one for you, selling your post with a snide, negative slant--this is how to keep your job--keep weaving put-downs about the Yankees and their players. I don't know who else is in Francesa's "world," as you say. And, now Mike is "delirious" according to you.
Plitnick, you've been successfully beaten into submission, so you don't get a few things. First,
  • Francesa doesn't HIDE the fact that he's a fan of a certain team, unlike your ESPN PALS WHO LIE AND SAY THEY'RE REALLY NOT FANS OF ANY ONE TEAM. TO ME, LIARS ARE "DELIRIOUS," PLITNICK, NOT PEOPLE LIKE FRANCESA. Also, I can't see from your words what Francesa said or did that was "delirious," nor is he prone to delirium in general. And, Plitnick, fans are abnormal, "fanatic" people by definition--that's what we have in common.
  • Aside from all that is the related subject of Andy Pettitte. The slant you bring to the table can be found at any number of non-Yankee sites, so there's no reason to read your article. But, of course, you wouldn't be on a front-line so-called Yankee blog if you really had the Yankee fan in mind. You don't--you have the baseball blogging and writing hierarchy in mind, which is something quite different.
P.S. I read quite awhile back how your "colleagues" got on your case about Jeter, and how you really studied the situation and realized that they were right, ie, Jeter was really not so great. To even bring this up was a sign you'd been successfully brainwashed. There are other subjects that could use attention.

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Disney/ESPN's Bob Ley acknowledges ESPN "defines the daily discourse on sports."

This seems to be acceptable to all of you, but it's of course not acceptable to me. I don't happen to be a communist or a fascist, don't believe 1 source should define the daily discourse. Agendas are fastened to the minds of the audience, often on topics of enormous consequence--whether the view is correct and honest or not.

  • I understand our culture has been pacified and feminized, and if we speak up, we're intolerant "haters" (code word). But, if each individual decided to come to life, we wouldn't have only 1 source dictating the sports world's thoughts (minus mine).

One problem: many of you make money or aspire to make money via association with ESPN and are afraid to challenge them.(sm)

  • From Bob Ley interview, 12/18/06, Sports Media Guide:

"Q. ESPN's impact on the sports culture is said to be negative – is that fair?

A. It started with the highlight phenomenon – and this goes back ten years now – the wallpapering of highlights contributed to the "me first – look at me" attitude. Maybe ten or twelve years ago there might have been some validity on that issue, but I can tell you first hand a lot of thought goes on about what goes on the air.
  • We are the 800-pound sports gorilla that defines the daily discourse on sports,
and I said this to Chris (Berman) on our 25th special - with being a leader goes a great amount of responsibility. It is one we take seriously. I can speak for myself and the people I work with on a daily basis – we do take it seriously. I think parenthood helps you understand, and answering e-mails and phone calls helps you understand just how much responsibility we have. The flip side is they give us a great forum.
  • Sometimes we have to remind ourselves these are the jobs we wanted all of our lives. It gives us a podium. You can positively affect things – if somebody doesn't run out a ground ball and you report it – sometimes the facts alone are damning."

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Friday, December 22, 2006


IS THERE AN ETHICS BOARD TO OVERSEE BIASED, MISLEADING SPORTS SITES? The big money guys who want more of the hard-working Yankee fan's money, or owners who're just stupid and weak, love these biased sites. AND THEY SERVE TO DIVERT FOCUS FROM INCOMPETENT OWNERS, MINNEAPOLIS COPYWRITERS, AND FATALLY FLAWED BASEBALL AWARDS VOTING.
  • So this site puts up a huge, hateful, biased headline, SOMEHOW MISSING THAT THE YANKEES HAVE ACTUALLY LOWERED THEIR LUXURY TAX BILL 23.5% FROM 2005.
THE HATE SITE INSTEAD GIVES THE VOTING MEMBERS OF THE BBWAA MORE AMMO TO LEAVE YANKEE PLAYERS OFF THEIR AWARDS LIST (see Minneapolis voters who won't vote for a Yankee "because he's on a team of rich guys getting it done)." It says, "Free-Spending Yankees Hit with $26 million Luxury Tax, 4 year total reaches $97.75 Million."

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Yankee Luxury Tax donation dips to $26 million

The remaining Yankee fans who can afford to attend games will pay less this year to idiot sons and con artist/owners of other teams. In 2005, they paid $34 million in luxury tax (this is separate from what they paid in revenue sharing), but this year, only $26 million. International celebrity and AP sports copywriter delivers the happy news:

'The Yankees got the bill Friday for their sorry season. The Yankees were slapped with a $26 million luxury tax by the commissioner's office, raising New York's total to $97.75 million over the last four years. Boston, which missed the playoffs, was the only other team over the tax threshold and will pay $497,549.

New York hasn't won the World Series since 2000, and was knocked out in the first round of the playoffs for the second straight year. The Yankees paid tax in all four seasons of the just-expired collective-bargaining agreement: $11.8 million in 2003, $26 million in 2004 and $34 million for last year.'

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"No media, please!"---Thanks to all the braindead in North Carolina


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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Boston Herald starts Japanese language pages

'With its recent launch of Japanese pages on its www.bostonherald.com Web site, the Herald is giving baseball fans in Japan an American perspective on superstar right-hander Daisuke Matsuzaka translated into Japanese. The Japanese postings of selected Herald stories and columns relating to the 26-year-old pitcher began after last week’s official announcement of the Red Sox’ six-year deal.
  • Readers on the Herald’s Web site can now click onto the Japanese flag icon associated with selected stories and view a Japanese translation of the story.
“All we’ve heard about is how interested the Japanese are in following the progress of players from their country coming to the Major Leagues,” said Herald Executive Sports Editor Hank Hryniewicz. “So why not reach out and try to draw those readers to our Web site? It makes perfect sense.”
Bill Gaffney, Herald Interactive’s vice president of technology, production and editorial, said online users from Japan have jumped from seventh to second, surpassing Canada and the U.K., which previously held the two and three spots.
  • “This is a unique project that's trying to bring two completely different cultures together,” Gaffney said. “Once they get a taste of American journalism in Japan, especially on a subject that is written with such emotion by our reporters, I think they’ll be hooked.”'
from the Boston Herald, 12/21/06 by Staff (Interesting the boss there says they write with "such emotion...." I thought voting members of the BBWAA or even just reporters, were all objective. At least that's what they tell us all the time. So that's a lie.) sm

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Igawa arrives in the Bronx

Igawa in the Bronx, photo from sanspo.com

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Fat and ugly can’t adopt from China: New regs block would-be parents

If you're fat, China doesn't want you, but let's keep all their abusive practices quiet while we make some big baseball bucks.
  • 'Effective May 1, new rules China has approved on foreign adoptions will exclude a wide variety of prospective parents, including people who are unmarried, obese or over 50; people who have a facial deformity; and people who take antidepressants.
Under the new rules, couples who wish to adopt must have been married for at least two years. Applicants also must have a body mass index - a measure of body fat - of no more than 40, and be between the ages of 29 and 51, with people up to age 55 considered for children with special needs.
  • And although the United States is the top destination for adopted Chinese children, the number going elsewhere is rising, allowing the Chinese government to be more selective and increasing the time applicants have to wait from an average of six months in 2005 to as long as 15 months now.
Many Chinese children adopted abroad are girls who are given up by couples who, bound by rules that limit most urban families to one child, want to try for a son.' Article from the Boston Herald, 12/20/06, by Marie Szaniszlo

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Duquesne High School Drops Baseball Program

Duquesne High School has dropped its baseball program, according to the latest realignment announced Tuesday by the WPIAL. Duquesne lost 11 of 12 games last season in Section 2-A.

Another notable change in the alignment of the baseball sections for the 2007 spring season includes defending WPIAL Class AAA and PIAA champion Pine-Richland moving to Section 1-AAAA, with Butler, Kiski Area, North Allegheny, North Hills, Seneca Valley and Shaler. Peters Township moved from Class AAA to Section 3-AAAA, with Baldwin, Bethel Park, Canon-McMillan, Mt. Lebanon and Upper St. Clair.

From Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 12/20/06
  • If you needed proof, baseball shrinks in America as sincere, compassionate billionaires forsake us for new, braindead foreign dollars.

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Misfits, Miscreants: Your Table is Ready---Selena Roberts on your Commissioners

"“Commissioners realize, first and foremost, that their sponsors and broadcast partners are critical,” said David M. Carter, executive director at the University of Southern California Sports Business Institute. “When Stern holds a press conference, he is speaking to them far more than he is speaking to fans.

“Fans put up with anything. Fans put up with being priced out of buildings. They put up with players who, too often, don’t show them deference. So you can make an argument that, since the fans never seem to curtail their spending on sports, the leagues don’t have to solicit their feedback.”

A commissioner’s aim to please is confused by the needs of two constituencies. League sponsors demand a riveting product image but have a low tolerance for any issue that will alienate consumers. Network partners long for a hot promo topic that may or may not push the envelope on salaciousness but will attract viewers.

Commissioners are the enablers to the paradox whenever the hard line they verbalize doesn’t match the inflammatory personalities they market.

The image contradiction isn’t solely a commish issue. Just about any polarizing superstar can find validation from an owner or team or company. It was the Cowboys’ proprietor, Jerry Jones, who signed up Owens — and his Sharpie-wielding, team-dividing past — for $25 million in March.

A commissioner’s lip service may not be fulfilling or consistent, but it is enough for sponsors. And with this kind of sway, it’s corporate America and the network partners who are truly policing the images of the leagues.

What odd ethics cops. The business world’s standards are not always that reliable. Remember baseball’s Enron Field in Houston? The networks aren’t always the best watchdogs of decency. It took public outrage to cancel Fox’s O. J. Simpson extravaganza.

In surrendering their autonomy, commissioners have ultimately given up their moral authority. Who are they to decide who’s naughty and what’s nice?"

From Selena Roberts' NY Times article, 12/20/06

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Juan Uribe case not yet closed--Dominican

San Cristobal--"The player of the Chicago White Sox, Juan Uribe is not absolutely free of his supposed participation in an incident in which the worker was wounded from bullet Rafael González, in a fact in a rural community of the municipality of Nizao.
  • The magistrada Regina Carvajal Vizcaíno ordered yesterday to maintain the inquiries open that the professional pelotero involves. The decision of the judge of Instruction of the Judicial District of was taken here yesterday during a hearing that lasted less of half an hour.

The public ministry made established clear in the hearing that the investigations on the incident never have been lengthy. The hearing of objection of file elevated by the lawyers of the defense Carlos de la Cruz and Roberto Faxas, was well-known yesterday and until it was not passed the two of afternoon and after listening to the pleas, when magistrate Fernelis A. Rodriguez Castillo, attached solicitor decided to continue with the investigations. The lawyers de la Cruz and Faxas, representatives of the constituted civil part against the Uribe player, of Chicago, said to count on new elements that prove the participation of the pelotero in the incidents that were originated in the municipality of Nizao.

  • The player is accused to violate article two of law 295 of the Penal Code, attempt of homicide. The attached solicitor Rodriguez Castillo indicated that the public ministry will continue with the investigations with the elements that say to contribute to the civil actors in representation of the plaintiff Rafael González.
  • In the hearing in the Court of Instruction, the pelotero Uribe was not present, that was made represent by its lawyer, at that time jurist of the equipment Lions of the Chosen one."

Report by Listin Diario, 12/19/06, google translation. Original article in Spanish

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Millions in cash found to support Selig & his relatives in more Arizona spring training

Valley baseball fans could soon be breaking out their Dodger Blue and Chief Wahoo shirts.
  • The Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority now says the agency has found enough money to fund both Goodyear's and Glendale's requests for spring training facilities that would open in 2009.
A recommendation is expected to go to the eight-member sports authority board on Thursday that would give more than $50 million to Glendale to build a two-team facility for the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chicago White Sox, who currently play spring ball in Tucson.
  • "We'll be able to achieve what's good for the Cactus League: the Dodgers and the Indians coming to Arizona," said Larry Landry, chairman of the authority board.
Both teams train in Florida. Funding both proposals would expand the state's Cactus League to 14 teams, 15 if the White Sox find a replacement team for Pima County, as their contract requires. from the Arizona Republic, 12/19/06
  • The western area lost a great deal of money during the so-called World Baseball Classic, so this would help some of the starving owners. (sm) The casino ad adjoining this story was not intended to appear here-it was in the newspaper & I haven't been able to get it out. (sm)

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Monday, December 18, 2006

Please no "debate"--KEEP MELKY IN THE BRONX

"The Yankees continue to debate internally whether they should trade outfielder Melky Cabrera for Pittsburgh closer Mike Gonzalez. Monday, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman met with Joe Torre and the club's coaches," per Newsday's Ken Davidoff.
  • This whole topic is so upsetting I can't see straight. PLEASE KEEP MELKY, Mr. Cashman. (2 years ago I saw Brian Cashman in an airport, ran up to him and said, "Please don't trade Wang or Cano!")
  • "Not a chance," he replied. I hope the same logic governs his thinking today with Melky.

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I bet you think Bud Selig & Gene Orza said the following:

The China market is our most important and largest market outside the United States. China is clearly priority No. 1.”

...business holdings in China are growing by 30% each year...(we) hope to double the staff at (our) China offices in time for the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

...(we've) structured a marketing engine in China, ready to sell more merchandise and apparel, expanding (our) online presence, offering live streaming of games and hope to double broadcasts of games in the next few years.

  • and (plan) on playing regular season games in China as well....

(Our) merchandise is sold in over 20,000 retail outlets throughout China...".......

(The author continues). (P.S.The previous statements were actually made by NBA commissioner David Stern). sm

But one can only wonder how much benefit players will realize from such investments.

This is only part of the story, as there are many problems which still remain such as

  • rampant counterfeiting of merchandise in China, which exists in every sector of marketed goods there, costing U.S. firms billions of dollars in lost revenues each year.
  • In addition, censorship of broadcasts and limited internet access by the Chinese people is controlled by the Communist Chinese Party. China’s persistent human rights and labor abuses are never discussed... why should they be?

After all, the U.S. government pays but lip service to a trade partner and major creditor in China, which the U.S. economy is virtually dependent upon.

United States Olympic Committee (USOC) Chairman, Peter Ueberroth, signed a bilateral agreement with the China Olympic Committee.

Titled the Memorandum of Intentions for Sport Exchanges Between the Chinese Olympic Committee and the United States Olympic Committee, it is designed to promote friendship and understanding between the two nations.

According to Ueberroth, “We clearly need to reach out to every nation, no exception, and envelop friendship through sport,” supposedly to give other countries a different perception of Americans. (Sorry, different from what? Why?)sm

But the agreement in friendship goes far beyond a mere symbolic gesture, just two years before the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

  • It will provide the Chinese with the U.S. sharing of its expertise in coaching, its sports facilities, inroads in science and medicine, management and marketing, among other things.

It is arguable about how much the U.S will gain from China’s implied reciprocity. What is clear, is that China looks at sports far differently than the U.S. does.

  • Sports are not just games or a business or sheer entertainment for the Chinese. Elite athletes in China are trained to project national ambition. China’s main intent is not to develop (sports) stars but for their athletes to be representative of the nation and that international competition is far more important than lending a few players to the (games).

But yet the Chinese are also smart in business and will suffer allowing a little entertainment for its people, on its own terms of course, while at the same time benefiting from millions of dollars in American business ventures.

  • The Chinese have different cultural objectives than the western world; other countries are about the individual.
  • China’s use of steroids was also deterred upon testing positive in past Olympics with several of its women swimmers. But now athletes are welcomed with opened arms to experience the best training in the world, only to go home and compete against the U.S. on the world’s stage.

  • And while individual professional athletes are received differently than professional teams or college athletes in the U.S., the sports industry--including the Olympic Committee--wishes to change its image from that of competitor to that of being inclusive and politically correct.

Should that come at the expense of funding Americans preparing for the Olympics or deprives American students from college educations all in the name of globalism, so be it. Yet, it will eventually defeat the U.S. athlete and impact morale and America’s sense of competition.

The USOC, the NBA, the NCAA, MLB, including the NFL, simply cannot continue to dilute the American pool of athletes while at the same time expect Americans to dominate in their respective sports.

Such hypocrisy is no better exhibited than by the NBA and the USOC, fearful that America no longer dominates basketball internationally as it once did, while the NBA in 2006 devotes 25% of its spots to foreign players.

It remains unfair and unrealistic for those Americans who aspire in the future to become college, Olympic or professional athletes and eventual champions. For without America’s resources and its full support they will simply lose."

From article by Diane M.Grassi, "Unrestrained Globalization will Defeat the American Athlete," published on BlackAthlete.net.12/18/06.

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"I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing."--Sargeant Schultz, Hogan's Heroes (RIP)

You remember, of course, Venezuela--they said they're stopping the flow of baseball players, and you did nothing about it. Now, they're doing it, and you still do nothing. From a 12/15/06 salon.com blog on Venezuelan matters:
I am not sure what to think about this, part of it sounds reasonable, but another seems fishy: "The National Institute for Sports released a project that will regulate the issuing and registering of professional sports licenses in baseball, where children and adolescents that practice that sport will require express authorization from their parents to obtain the legal requirements to compete at that level." "The primary objective is to prevent the indiscriminate signing of Venezuelan youth and protect them in the face of any foreign country that wants to have them in their roster. We will seek to validate the principles of efficacy, objectivity, impartiality, honesty, among others, where the priority will be the integral development of the athlete" The first paragraph sounds eminently reasonable, to insure the parents of local baseball players who are underage approve the signing and the terms of the signing, but the part about protecting the youth against foreign countries, given that only US teams come to Venezuela to sign baseball players, sounds like the Government will create obstacles for the development (and enrichment!) of our good players. Moreover, nly baseball is mentioned. The Venezuelan Government already tried to create a parallel baseball league to undermine the local professional baseball league a couple of years ago. After a bombastic opening game, with Chavez in attendance, only one other game was played. A lot of money was wasted on that project.

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

ESPN Analysts allowed only on ESPN-owned stations--NY Post

Accordingly, the voices of 19 names on the ESPN baseball analysts' 2006 post season predictions would never be heard on XM again, and certainly not on local stations such as WEEI in Boston, and WFAN and the YES Network in New York. If this ends up being so, it's a great step forward in my view. The 19 names are:
  • Peter Gammons, Tim Kurkjian, Jayson Stark, Jerry Crasnick, Gary Gillette, Bob Klapisch, Buster Olney, Jim Caple, Steve Phillips, Eric Neel, Keith Law, Alan Schwarz, Pedro Gomez, Sean McAdam, John Shea, Phil Rogers, Enrique Rojas, Eric Karabell, and Rob Neyer. I can think of a 20th--Orestes Destrade. Oh, and a 21st---the very busy Will Carroll.
NY Post piece about the ESPN memo from 12/15 edition by Andrew Marchand,
  • "ESPN sent down an internal directive this week that bans any of its on-air personnel from appearing as a guest on WFAN, The Post has learned.
  • As part of a larger memo that impacts its owned and operated stations in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh and Dallas, ESPN is preventing its analysts from appearing on non-ESPN radio stations in those markets.
  • This means that guests such as Peter Gammons or Kirk Herbstreit will have to go against company policy if they want to appear on FAN.

"It makes good business sense that ESPN should be the home of ESPN talent,'' ESPN spokesman Dan Quinn said." I hope they mean it.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Lost or Found in the Translation? Either way, intriguing

Matuzaka put out! [re] troop leader direct negotiation request…As for strong [borasu] “nuisance”

" <Los Angeles (American California state) 11 days (12th of Japanese time)>We would like to meet to [matsuzaka]! The seibu Matuzaka Daisuke pitcher (26) with joining an organization negotiation has a rough going [seo] [epusutain] GM of the lead socks where (32) and others 3 club leaders the urgent sewer local entering. It sought large amount annual salary, Scot [borasu] of Matuzaka's representative who penetrates the strong route (54) with it negotiated. 12 days (13th of Japanese time) in last negotiation Matuzaka's sitting together is requested, conclusion is acquired with “last direct negotiation”.

Meeting directly, story would like to do. As for nuisance with pulling out…. The timely mitt in of negotiation (15th morning at the time of zero = Japanese time same day 2 o'clock in the afternoon) while approaching, [rukino] president of the [re] troop who faces to interview (61) with you talked [epusutain] GM, in hot tone.

 We would like to make a contract formally without being disturbed to the [rukino] president “other person,”

 As for [epusutain] GM “end the player decides”

  •  The [re] troop would like to meeting of course Matuzaka. As for “nuisance”, [borasu] of representative. 12 days (13th of Japanese time) it required that Matuzaka arrives to the seat in of the last negotiation which is planned.
 The thing 2 hour which it goes back local time." This is the beginning of an article from Sanspo Sports, Sanspo.com, 12/13/06, google translation from the Japanese story. You decide.

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Fred 1992-2006

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Pinstripe Mike territory--PAVANO MED REX SOUGHT BY CARDINALS!!!

The Cardinals have asked to view Carl Pavano's expansive medical records, according to a report in yesterday's St. Louis Post-Dispatch, a sign that the Yankees might be able to get out from under that albatross of a contract.
  • The Rockies previously expressed interest in the righthander, but talks broke down because they wanted the Yankees to eat most of the $22.95 million left in the final two years of his four-year, $39.95-million deal, a person familiar with the talks said.
  • Story by Jim Baumbach, Newsday, 12/11/06

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Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Red Sox thought Andy Pettitte was good enough

"While Houston offered more convenience for Pettitte, he loved being a Yankee and decided against a bombshell
  • $54-million offer from the Red Sox three years ago because he couldn't stand the idea of competing against Jeter, Jorge Posada and the other Yankees he grew up with." from SI.com, Jon Heyman, 12/9/06
This fact is unknown to the great unwashed. I was stunned again today at the profound media bias and/or ignorance about the Yankees. This reality has been mocked and ridiculed to such an extent that its tellers have been beaten into submission, cowering in a corner. (Hoping to eventually become voting members of the BBWAA, they know they'll never make it by telling the truth about the Yankees. So they keep silent). In a report on XM tonight, the Pettitte story wasn't leading, of course, nor was it a lush, produced vignette, but read by what sounded like a 10 year old boy who announced the Pettitte move was,
  • "OF COURSE OVERSHADOWED BY THE FACT THAT ROGER CLEMENS" might still be in the offing. God help me. GET THIS, YOU MORONS:

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Friday, December 08, 2006


Thanks to all who had anything to do with your return to the Yankees. I'm very happy today. The way you left 3 years ago was horrible. When you walk onto the field the first time this season, you'll hear just how much we mean that.
  • P.S. Chewing on lemons right now are the pathetic tools who spread false stories, owner propaganda, personal agendas, etc. They don't like Yankee fans to be happy--and if they exhibited any jubilation for something positive about the Yankees, they'd probably be demoted or fired. So the most the Disney/ESPN tools can muster on this great day is:
"Left Behind
  • Andy Pettitte could have stayed in Houston. So why is the veteran left-hander returning to the Yankees? It all came down to $2 million the Astros weren't willing to pay, writes Jayson Stark." First, who in God's name is Stark?
  • "Left Behind?" What does that mean anyway? I'm supposed to think Jayson Stark should be consulted on anything with his obvious past faux pas and biases? "It all came down to..."
  • Oh, really, no kidding, so you have the definitive scoop from, say, an owner or other business person or voting member of the BBWAA such as yourself, OR ANYONE WHO SEEKS ANY MONETARY REWARD FROM DISNEY/ESPN EVER.

"It was all about the second year,"” said Tim Purpura, the Astros'’ general manager. "We had not even thought about a second year. That was not something even brought to us as a request until Wednesday. That was just not something we were prepared to do."

  • B-B-B-But, ESPN just said something completely different. Wassup?

"Would we have negotiated on a one-year deal from where we were at? Possibly. But the two-year portion of it, that was just difficult for us." (added Purpura).

  • Who's lying, ESPN's Jayson Stark, the Astro's General Manager, or the NY Times, including Tyler Kepner and Jack Curry?
NY Times quote from their article of Dec. 9, 2006 by Tyler Kepner and Jack Curry.

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

We wait.

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

International celebrity Matt Hurst continues his upwardly mobile BBWAA career

Matt Hurst would be a little known person, but he's world famous for 1 thing. He's a good bet to vote against Mariano Rivera in any BBWAA award and in between those times will do what he can to dump on Mo. Matt keeps getting assigned the plum AL votes. As the leadership of MLB has shown, selecting the right voters is where it's at. Here in December, Hurst comes up with a porridge of salary figures for late inning relievers having no rhyme or reason except to make the team including Mariano look gross, hideous, and hateful. What Hurst doesn't mention, and many will be too busy to check on themselves:
  • BJ Ryan was given the largest contract ever given a reliever ($47million).
  • Mr. Gagne was paid $18 million over 2 years for almost no pitching ($10m in 2006 and $8m in 2005)
  • Billy Wagner was paid $10,500,000 in 2006, the same as Rivera, for his first year with the Mets.
  • Keith Foulke's salary as closer for the Red Sox in 2006 was $7,750,000.
  • As an Angel, (Matt Hurst's team) Troy Percival was paid $7,833,333 each year in 2003 and 2004 to close.
  • Trevor Hoffman (another Hurst guy) was paid $9.6 million to close in 2003, although he missed most of the year with surgery.
  • In 1998, Rivera pitched in his 4th consecutive post season, but his salary that year was only $750,000.
Matt Hurst missed all these facts, but as is often the case with upwardly mobile BBWAA members, doesn't miss information that obscures the persona of individual Yankees. AS VOTER JOE CHRISTENSEN SAID ON SEPT. 19th, 2006 ON XM WITH CHARLEY STEINER, HE WOULD NOT VOTE FOR DEREK JETER because he's "on a team of rich guys getting it done." THIS BIAS WORKS LIKE A CHARM, AND THE YANKEES DO NOTHING ABOUT IT. Hurst says: " Compared to some of baseball's other top relief pairs, (Frankie)Rodriguez and (Scot)Shields were a bargain. For example, Detroit veteran Todd Jones made $5.8 million last year, and rookie Joel Zumaya made the minimum of $327,000. The Mets paid Billy Wagner and Aaron Heilman a combined $10.8 million."
  • WHY DON'T YOU SAY BILLY WAGNER WAS PAID $10.5 MILLION OF THAT? Your line of reasoning has what purpose?
"That seems frugal compared to the $15.5 million the Yankees spent on Mariano Rivera and Kyle Farnsworth."
Then Hurst mentions in a small voice that his guys "have a big payday coming...." I see. "So, to say that (Frankie)Rodriguez and (Scot)Shields have a big payday coming once they become free agents is an understatement, which means any sort of offer from the Angels would need to be comparable.""
  • (Oh, so the Angels will be paying more? As the Yankees paid less when their players were less experienced.)
  • ""It'd have to be a pretty good one," Rodriguez's agent, Paul Kinzer, said about signing away a free agency year. "With the numbers he's got now, he's been remarkable his first few years, it'd have to be good."" (Ah, so what will the new figures be?) from the Inland Southern Calif. Press-Enterprise, 12/2/06

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Tracking the cultural elite---tracking Tim Kurkjian

I enjoy tracking the world's cultural elite, so I noted what Kurkjian told Chris Russo today on WFAN about a baseball award he's voting on. He said it's his "greatest privilege, not to get corny," as his voice broke. (Tim no longer votes for league awards, ie MVP, ROY, Cy Young), but he says he's voting for the HOF and has done so for 18 years. Who doesn't allow him to vote on league awards, as the writers' union provides? Why isn't this enough of a subject for someone to explore? Since there's as much accountability in baseball awards as there is in the food stamps program, I'm only interested in the voters and their backgrounds. It's a much more important story than that of any player they're voting on.

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Friday, December 01, 2006

Another Phony Phox teaser

The Bronx Bombers are usually heating up the hot stove league by now. But while teams like the rival Red Sox have jumped into the free-agent frenzy, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has been strangely passive. Dayn Perry wonders why.
"The Bronx Bombers are usually heating up the hot stove league by now."
  • FOX CAN'T DO A WEBSITE WITHOUT A FALSE STATEMENT TO HOOK YOU IN, OR ARE THEY REALLY THAT IGNORANT? Their statement is just not true, hasn't been for the past few years. But, spew bias and misconception.
"But while teams like the rival Red Sox have jumped into the free-agent frenzy, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has been strangely passive. (Fill in any name) wonders why."

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Phony Phox headlines and teasers

"Re-rejected: Glavine spurns Braves for Mets ... again"--
  • This headline on the Fox Sports website tonight. But it's actually not true, and Fox sort of acknowledges this--but you have to click on the story. They gotcha. The truth is the Braves never made Glavine an offer, so he wasn't in a position to "reject" them. Clicking through:
  • The Braves probably did not want to give Glavine more than they pay
  • right-hander John Smoltz, who will earn $8 million next season.
  • Braves general manager John Schuerholz does not issue no-trade clauses.
  • The Mets were willing to grant Glavine full no-trade protection.
  • The Braves sought to trade right-hander Tim Hudson to clear money for
  • Glavine, but Schuerholz was said to be asking too high a price, seeking
  • both quality talent and financial relief.
  • Hudson signed with the Braves for a discount because of his desire to play
  • in Atlanta. If traded, his new team might control him for only one season;
  • Hudson could demand a trade as a player dealt in the middle of a multi-year
  • contract. Though such players rarely exercise their right to become a free
  • agent if no deal is completed, Hudson almost certainly would be unhappy
  • with a trade.
  • The past friction between Schuerholz and Glavine — stemming from
  • Glavine's departure for the Mets as a free agent after the 2002 season
  • — might have further increased the difficulty of completing a deal.
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    Big Media begin to pick up on my point

    "Yankees fans are paying the price for supporting baseball's highest payroll.
    • The price of the box seats closest to the field at Yankee Stadium will jump by $40 to $150 next season, the team said Friday."
    From AP tonight, it's a start, though it doesn't take the next step--that if the 2006 formula carries over to 2007, THE YANKEE FAN ACTUALLY SUPPORTS MUCH MORE THAN HIS OWN PAYROLL. HE PAYS FOR PLAYERS ON SEVERAL OTHER TEAMS, LIMOS AND SUMMER HOUSES OF OTHER OWNERS, AND
    The 2006 formula was approx. $200 million in payroll, $100 million in revenue sharing and luxury tax.

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